Barrhead Curling Club

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    Barrhead, AB
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    August 18, 2014
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    Patty Wierenga
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About Barrhead Curling Club

The impact $100,000 would make

Our Curling Club is like KD is to our children; it puts smiles on faces, gives substance to our lives and generates an energy that keeps us all young at heart. Please help us keep it Alive & Vibrant for Future Generations of Curling! Our Wish, We would utilize Kraft’s Tour Donation to replace our ice scraper, repairs to the ice plant $15,000, side boards &carpet, $5,000.00 and equipment and supplies for The Little Rocks Program $5,000. Our community is passionate and proud of our recreation programs and facilities! To foster that pride and sense of ownership, much has been fund-raised by the users, and often is maintained with those same volunteers. However, we all know in any community setting for recreation activities especially small rural communities, purse strings are being pulled tighter and tighter with the ever increasing operating costs (utilities and labor). To add to our burden, our Aquatics Centre has been closed due to safety and health regulations and needs to be re-built. This project is taking most of our small community’s resources for grant funding, fundraising and volunteerism. If awarded the $100,000 we would share our winnings with the aquatics center, working together to keep the passion and spirit of sport alive. KRAFT we need your HELP to keep our “Rocks Rollin”! Our Club would love to have one more fundraising opportunity to roll out the red carpet for Kate & Darren, welcoming TSN’s finest (fingers crossed) for a funding announcement from Kraft.

Our passion and spirit

The Club covers expenses with user fees, casino monies and fundraising efforts, but the pot has dried up, volunteers are tired, and there are no “strawberries left in the jar”. The club has an agreement with the Town to cost share expenses. Town provides the facility, the Club is responsible for all other expenses; general maintenance, ice surface, building improvements, equipment, and operational costs. We also receive limited annual sponsorship from businesses by Sign Advertisement.

Our Curling Club is like KD is to our children; it puts smiles on faces, gives substance to our lives and generates an energy that keeps us all young at heart.

Our legacy and heritage

Curling is widely believed to be one of the world’s oldest team sports. It made its way across the Atlantic in the 18th century, when British troops melted down cannonballs into stones to play on the St Charles River. It has been around just about as long as KRAFT, truly it has become an integral part of Canadian’s lifestyles. Curling is a sport we can play for life (and in winter – much needed in Barrhead!) Our legacy is that our club ranges in from ages 5 years old to 94 years young!

How our community is unique

Generations have come together at this club, we are the hub of central rural Alberta, it's true essence. The love of curling in Barrhead engages people of all ages in our community, and the physical and social benefits last a lifetime. In the spirit of continuing this for next generations, we want to keep curling alive, get more youth involved, and let family and seniors stay active together in this facility.

Who makes a difference in our community

Wilf Seal - our 94 year old curling champ! He donates his time, and is a mentor and role model for our youth and club members alike. We can only hope to contribute as much as he has in his lifetime here! He is one of many leaders, we survive by the generous hours given by all of our volunteers. They are the backbone and heart - the ones who makes Barrhead's story truly exceptional. Check us out!

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