Holland Recreation Committee

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    Holland, MB
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    August 22, 2014
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    Anastasia Kubinec
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About Holland Recreation Committee

The impact $100,000 would make

As with most small rural recreation facilities, our Holland Ice Gardens and Baseball Diamonds are run and maintained by volunteers and community support. Any upgrades and major changes to the facilitates are mostly funded through fundraising initiatives. $100,000 or even $25,000 would go a long way to assist our group in updating the baseball diamonds with new fencing around the out-fields and with the purchase of a newer zamboni. Safe and reliable equipment is important to the operation of all organizations and when the organization mostly serves children and their families, it become crucial. Our fences are sagging and zamboni has had a lot of 'farmer fixes' to keep it going, both need to be replaced in the next year. If we had a newer zamboni, we could more confidently be able to host more hockey tournaments and ice skating shows and competitions which brings revenue to the Holland Ice Gardens, our community and increases the exposure of the sports to the new and beginning skaters and hockey players. With temperamental ice making equipment, good ice needed for the level of competition is sometimes not achievable. With newer baseball fencing the safety of the diamonds and the player using them will be increased. For both players on that diamond, players on the next diamond over and the spectators all around.

Our passion and spirit

The Holland Recreation Council offers 'preliminary' sessions to get kids up on skates or on the ball diamond just to try out the sport. With the newest players, the early year sport programs are catered to their attention spans and abilities to encourage them to keep on playing. And it's working. In 2014 we have (from ages 2 to 18) over 90 baseball players registered, 50 skaters in the CanSkate program and over 100 registered in hockey.

Introduce yourself from Holland, MB and most times the other person will comment, "I've been there for hockey" or "I've played baseball there" or "Do you know.......". Pretty good for a hamlet of under 500!

Our legacy and heritage

The Holland Recreation Council honours our past athletes and where they have gone. A showcase has been developed in the Holland Ice Gardens with pictures, news articles and mementos. As well, they commissioned a mural in 2013, a to be painted on the side of the Holland Ice Gardens, of Tammy Mahon, a past resident and active athlete, who was awarded the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association athlete of the half century in 2013 for provincial, national and international sports achievements.

How our community is unique

We are small, but well known in the province for hockey, baseball and our past residents that have moved elsewhere. Introduce yourself from Holland, MB and most times the other person will comment, "I've been there for hockey" or "I've played baseball there" or "Do you know......." . Pretty good for a hamlet of under 500! Holland also has the very visible windmill on the highway, has Canada Day fireworks and a huge Santa Claus that draw people from miles around, all volunteer organized.

Who makes a difference in our community

Patti is a constant volunteer and a diehard baseball lover! She has coached numerous boys and girls baseball teams throughout the years, taking many to provincials and some to nationals. She gives her all to the kids she coaches and re-organizers her personal schedule to do so. The kids she coaches try their hardest to make her happy and improve with incredible speed. She has won volunteer of the year award with Baseball Manitoba in 2011 and Sports Manitoba volunteer of the year award in 2012.

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