Kinsmen Water Park

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    Prince Albert, SK
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    August 20, 2014
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    Shannon Hurl
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About Kinsmen Water Park

The impact $100,000 would make

For the last 28yrs there has been a summer tradition for childern in Prince Albert. Going to Kinsmen Water park is symbol of summer in this city. The water park includes 2 regular slides, 1 raft ride, a toddler slide, hot tub, kids playground, 20 meter pool, and a tot pool. Unfortunatly there was a announcment yesterday that the water slides at the park would not open this year. This aging facility has gotton to the point of no repair and for safety reason the slides have to be closed this year. In a quote from our Mayor Dionne "estimating that of the 35,000 people who visit the Kinsmen Water Park per season, more than half come for the waterslides. For lots of our young children in our community, this is where they go (if) they can’t afford to go to the lake or other places like that, so this park means quite a lot to them.” The park is also a place of employment for many students in the city. Many university and high school students work as swim teachers, lifeguards, cashiers, janitors and managers as their summer employment. These youth are all well trained, and dedicated to their positions. With out the slides operating, some of these students will have to look for work else were. The estimated repairs are $260,000 and unfortunatly there is only $60,000 aloted in the city budget. The city is looking to community clubs to help assit with the funds to repairs. The money from the Kraft TSN celebration tour would help ensure that summer could return to our community.

Our passion and spirit

This winter alone Prince Albert hosted Saskatchewan Winter games and the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Winter games. The Rotary Club will complete a 17km trial around the city this summer. Prince Albert is also infamous for having the most ice surfaces per capita in Canada. We also have snowboarding/down hill sking, cross country, skateboard/BMX park, baseball, football (lights added 2 yrs ago), curling, golf, indoor/outdoor soccer and 1300 acres of park space.

For the last 28 yrs there has been a summer tradition for children in Prince Albert. Going to Kinsmen Water park is symbol of summer in this city….Unfortunately there was an announcement yesterday that the water slides at the park would not open this year.

Our legacy and heritage

Hockey is a strong tradition in Prince Albert. Home to the 3x Telus Cup Champion Mintos, and former Memorial Cup champs Raiders. We also have a Sports Hall of Fame starting in 1989. It has catigories for builders, coaches, and athletes in every sport from Lacrosse to Swimming.

How our community is unique

We are a hub to the Northen Saskatchewan. Many communities from the north come to Prince Albert for thier shopping and health needs. Our city population is 45,000 people but we serve closer to 85,000. Prince Albert is also the Gateway to the North, which means many people from the travel to lake country through the city.

Who makes a difference in our community

Malcom has been a inspiration in this area. He regularly assitist in any community improvment. His contribution to sport was spear heading the constrution of the Alfred Jenkins Field house (named for his father). This facility has 2 indoor soccer surfaces, weight room, walking/jogging track, climbing wall, gymnasium and fitness rooms. It is open 7 days a week and home to many sporting groups and track clubs. His busniess also regularly dontates prizes and funds to teams for fundraisers.

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