Mimico, Ontario

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    Toronto, ON
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    June 06, 2014
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    Colleen Grimes
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About Mimico, Ontario

The impact $100,000 would make

It’s about heritage, pride and tradition! Stars such as Brendan Shanahan, David Bolland, David Clarkson, Reilly Smith and Brendan Smith began playing hockey and lacrosse at Mimico Arena. Shanahan & Bolland hold five Stanley Cups between them; Brian Shanahan won five straight Mann Cup championships; Rory Smith has also won a Mann Cup and currently plays for the Buffalo Bandits of the NLL. Mimico is a small town of 5,000 people, thriving within Canada’s largest city. Mimico Arena is our second ‘church’ and it’s time to restore it to its former glory and honour the people that made the name Mimico synonymous with sports greatness, and help develop tomorrow’s stars. It’s a gem of a building, but these improvements would help it better serve the community: Rejuvenate and showcase the lobby: Update the trophy case Add a Wall of Fame as a tribute to the great athletes that have called Mimico Arena their home barn and celebrate our history with a Second World War memorial for the 1942 Mann Cup Champions Install video monitors for dressing room assignments/game times and future ad revenue Scoreboard / Sound System: Add a sound system for announcements or music at events Update the scoreboard, which is failing Dressing rooms: Update the heating and cooling systems Paint and refresh rooms Playing surface: The addition of the first wooden lacrosse floor in Ontario would once again make Mimico Arena a standout facility and players could see their careers extended as it’s much easier on their joints than playing on the current polish The Queensway Canadiens are changing their name to the Mimico Canadiens in an effort to honour all the great players who came from this town.

Our passion and spirit

Mimico Lacrosse is one of the largest and oldest clubs in Ontario, with a thriving houseleague and boys and girls rep teams. The field program has grown rapidly and the girls program introduced in 2010 boasts a team at every level and nine provincial medals in just four years! Mimico Hockey is also growing rapidly. Tyke and Novice divisions have increased by 50% since 2012. Trophy cases are at capacity and the stars have come out to help: VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFvP48IXVUg

Our legacy and heritage

Mimico Lax was established in 1890. In WWII, Conn Smythe's 30th Light Anti-aircraft Battery, dubbed "The Sportsmen's Battery," included every member of the 1942 Mann Cup-winning Mimico Mountaineers. In 1931 the Mimico Lax Club built an outdoor bowl known as the “Drummond St. Bowl,” which had a dirt floor and old railway boxcars for dressing rooms. Outdoor games at night in front of thousands were the norm. This is now known as Mimico Arena. In 1955, Queensway Hockey was established.

How our community is unique

While Mimico is a part of the bustling Greater Toronto Area, it maintains its tight-knit feel. Neighbours and friends congregate at Mimico Arena. We truly honour our own, and we take pride in our community. When you ask Shanahan, Bolland or anyone from Mimico where they are from, they will all proudly respond, “Mimico.” Please click this link to get a taste of Mimico & how we support and celebrate our own! VIDEO: (from 1:20 on) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xu9OFcNrm8

Who makes a difference in our community

Mimico Lacrosse today owes so much to those that came before and laid the foundation for 120 years of memories. There are so many great players, coaches, volunteers and builders of the game from our community, who contributed at the provincial and national level, and each has their own story. We appreciate their contribution and we hope that we honour them with the Mimico Lacrosse Club as it stands today. Our goal is to embrace the heritage of Mimico and to write its next chapter.

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