Springhill Lions Park

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    Springhill, NS
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    August 19, 2014
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    Scott Munro
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About Springhill Lions Park

The impact $100,000 would make

Springhill has a rich history in sports such as hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer; however due to economics and either an aging population or really young generation, outdoor sports have become minimal or non-existent due to financial reasons or age restriction where they cannot help out any longer. Due to employment opportunities, most people in Springhill had to move away to gain employment in the 80s and 90s, now more people are starting to move back slowly and want to improve the town in any way they can. It is very true that “we” have to bring back “play” to our community in Springhill as it was lost for some time due to indoor activities or lack of proper facilities due to town/community budget constraints. To win this prize money it would go towards building an outdoor arena on the old arena site, where it would be a multipurpose facility in the summer and winter months. It would be used for ball hockey, skateboard park and basketball nets set up for multiple games to be played in the summer. In the winter it would be for ice hockey and for casual outdoor skates. This prize money would also assist in the improvements to our 2 ball fields, which lack proper drainage and a spot for soccer on an open field behind one of our baseball fields. To improve or to build these facilities in Springhill, our kids, grand-kids and future will enjoy these facilities and get everyone out playing together, being more active, and bring our town closer. Kids want and need to be active so giving them this opportunity will pay dividends in the end by having a stronger town and they will carry this with them in the future. We have seen hardships all over the world and having these facilities will bring a more active culture and more active community involvement. In talking with the younger generation, they want and need this to happen to inject some life back into our town, get them off the streets, and to lift everyone’s spirits in “PLAY”!

Our passion and spirit

Presently there is a group of individuals serving on a Revitalization Committee working hard and volunteering hours to redevelop the parks. This group is focused and dedicated to making improvements to the community parks as they work with other local programs and groups to serve their best interests. There is only so much they can do with limited resources. The whole community is supporting the committee’s initiatives but they are lacking a major backing such as the Kraft Celebration Tour.

In talking with the younger generation, they want and need this to happen to inject some life back into our town, get them off the streets, and to lift everyone’s spirits in “PLAY”!

Our legacy and heritage

The Springhill Fencebusters Senior Baseball team was very prominent during the coal mining days and drew huge crowds to the games. Numerous players were offered Pro tryouts, of which the community was very proud. We had our old arena collapse February 2001 and the community rallied for a new arena by doing countless hours of fundraising and receiving grants from different levels of government, which was completed in September 2004. Now the old arena site desperately need the attention!

How our community is unique

Being a previous mining community with the explosions in 1891, 1956, the bump in 1958, and town fires, Springhill has been through tough times and you can feel from every one of the citizens that they are fighters. When it comes to sports they are passionate and embrace it, especially the Leafs vs. Habs games! When things seem to dwindle there is someone who steps up and takes charge. Thick or thin and in desperate times Springhill stands together with arms open and the “no quit” attitude.

Who makes a difference in our community

Jim (“Pokie”) is a man that is kind at heart and is a true baseball and hockey “nut”. Our Minor Baseball program was non-existent years ago and Jim built it back up by repairing the fields on his own, doing fundraisers, and getting a crew behind him to help. Now this minor baseball program is winning provincial titles and providing a skill set that will last a lifetime by teaching these kids that hard work does pay off. Without Jim, the minor baseball program would be non-existent to our town.

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