St Andrews Community Youth Activity Centre Skate Park

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    St Andrews, NB
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    August 17, 2014
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    Pat Scouten
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About St Andrews Community Youth Activity Centre Skate Park

The impact $100,000 would make

St. Andrews by-the-Sea is a resort destination town located in southwest New Brunswick (pop. 2000, doubling in the summer). Skateboarding, scooter and BMX riding are very popular sports in our community, but unfortunately our skatepark is in dire need of repair and expansion. A dedicated group of youths took the initiative 3 years ago to fundraise to improve their skatepark. We are shy thousands of dollars and are years away from making improvements a reality, yet there are numerous safety concerns with the existing equipment. As a small town, with a huge volunteer base, that has recently managed a major restoration of our playground, and upgrades to ancient sports equipment at the high school, we've tapped out our funds and fundraising potential, yet we are still lacking in after school activities for children age 12-17. Winning $100,000 would be a huge benefit to our youth. Restoring and upgrading the skateboard park is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of its users, and enhancing the current structure will ensure it meets the needs and keeps the interest of the users as they get older and more skilled. It has been a wonderful resource for our young people providing a safe place for them to gather for fitness, socializing and expressing their athletic and creative talents, however our skatepark is very small and can no longer accommodate the number and talents of interested children, although they do make the best of our little park. With a significant increase in the budget, we would be able to address all the safety concerns, make a more permanent park, and increase the diversity of structures to appeal to the wide range of ages and ability levels of its users. A committee has already been established to look at alternatives based on the current budget but it has become quite apparent that the only things that can be addressed are short-term fixes. The ability to do the right things, with products that will last decades, would be wonderful.

Our passion and spirit

Although small, we have extreme passion for sports. The community has large numbers of volunteers who put in countless hours to bring sporting events to our town including Challenge St Andrews (world-class triathlon) and Paddlefest as well as high-end tennis and golf tournaments. Our town has hosted various provincial tournaments in hockey, basketball, volleyball and curling. We are fortunate to have a large population of athletes living in our town including a couple of sponsored skateboarders!

A dedicated group of youths took the initiative 3 years ago to fundraise to improve their skatepark.

Our legacy and heritage

Being a resort destination plays a large role in our heritage of sport. Summer residents are the backbone to our W.C. O’Neill Arena housing an ice and a curling rink and for years was home to a successful hockey school with the likes of Wayne Gretzky coaching. Katy’s Cove, popular for its salt water swimming and beach volleyball. Local schools would not be what they are without the assistance of our legacies. The Algonquin Golf Course is world renown and home to the oldest clubhouse in Canada.

How our community is unique

Although we are a resort destination, it’s our people who make us unique. We are a very diverse group of artisans, athletes, and professionals, many who contribute countless hours volunteering to make this town a wonderful home for its residents. Our population base ranges from the very young, to college students, to young professional families, to retirees. We are very fortunate that we can enjoy most sports within our town. Refurbishing and expanding our skatepark would add to the uniqueness!

Who makes a difference in our community

Most definitely! Her name is Debby! She is the backbone, mother and friend to our community’s youth! Debby has been a resident of St. Andrews for years and has affected the lives of so many of our children! Debby works at our community youth centre, which is the same location as our skatepark. She devotes endless hours during weekends and evenings taking the youth on outings, teaching them practical and social skills, encouraging their interests and teaching the value of community involvement!

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